Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hercules & Cacus statue in Florence.
This was shot at a much different than tourist angle and I'm quite proud of the composition :)

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Arno River Rowers Florence

The late afternoon light was pouring in and flooding with its soft touch Rodin's lovers statue in the Rodin Museum in Paris as I took this picture. I've darkened it, added contrast and think it is truly lovely, sensual, and a moment of both light and statue art combined in the best possible way.
Click on the picture to see the whole picture (blogger cropped part of it :(
One of my favorite all time photographic memories/moments/meditations.
A nun was praying in the Mt St Michel Abbey in France where I was able to capture this reverent moment as a nun, with head slightly tilted and in white starched robe, kneels on the hard floor in prayer, and contemplation, as light streams through the centuries old windows.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Saint Peter statue through glass

Saint Peter statue through glass, with reflections, Rome.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Monte Cassino Shafts of Light

Monte Cassino, Italy. Shafts of light at sunset. Click on the picture to see the whole picture!

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Sad Eagle

Sad Eagle.
This was a "show eagle" for the Tacoma City Zoo.

Looks forlorn and sad and he looks directly at me and my camera.

This is my favorite photo from Charles' and Nicole's wedding in Costa Rica.
PLEASE click on the picture to see the whole picture!! Charles was somehow cropped by blogger and you need to click on the picture to see the whole GORGEOUS picture!!!

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Red Rose inner GloI

This is a rose from the Tacoma Rose garden in Point Defiance Park.

The image has been darkened and the reds and yellows saturated with an added red chalk border.

The rose seems to have an inner light, and a life and beauty of its own. The adjustments I made added to that and I love this picture.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: The Bean Reflection Chicago

I love this photo of "The Bean" in Chicago on a warm sunny afternoon.

Notice the lady with her arms back diving into her reflection.

Love the sunshine and reflection of the buildings.

Susan and I (taking the picture) are reflected towards the back of the plaza.

Smithsonian Contest: Please Help -- Prayer Photo Chicago.

This photo still haunts me. It was taken in Chicago in May 2008. I deliberately placed everyone out of focus except the person praying/begging for help ...

everyone walks by, ignoring him.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest Bald Eagle

I love this eagle shot. Sharp eyed, looking straight at me, curved yellow beak, white feathers cascading down to brown, golden, shimmering feather. Just that tuft of fluffy down feathers on the top of the head.
Beautiful, alien, mystically mine.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest

This is a favorite photo. It was "allowed to be taken" (as opposed to "captured") at Wild Animal Park in Escondido just at sunset with the soft gentle light of that time.
There is a thoughtfulness, a meditation, that truly reminds me of the sentience of my fellow soul, the ape.
Even the non-focused eye of the ape is so similar to the soft-eyed gaze of mediators.