Friday, June 1, 2012

Service Learning with 12 Saint Martin's University students for a week in Cincinnati. This was the third years we've served with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor there. I'm holding Levi at Redwood in Kentucky.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hercules & Cacus statue in Florence.
This was shot at a much different than tourist angle and I'm quite proud of the composition :)

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Arno River Rowers Florence

The late afternoon light was pouring in and flooding with its soft touch Rodin's lovers statue in the Rodin Museum in Paris as I took this picture. I've darkened it, added contrast and think it is truly lovely, sensual, and a moment of both light and statue art combined in the best possible way.
Click on the picture to see the whole picture (blogger cropped part of it :(
One of my favorite all time photographic memories/moments/meditations.
A nun was praying in the Mt St Michel Abbey in France where I was able to capture this reverent moment as a nun, with head slightly tilted and in white starched robe, kneels on the hard floor in prayer, and contemplation, as light streams through the centuries old windows.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Saint Peter statue through glass

Saint Peter statue through glass, with reflections, Rome.

Entries into Smithsonian Photo Contest: Monte Cassino Shafts of Light

Monte Cassino, Italy. Shafts of light at sunset. Click on the picture to see the whole picture!